Specific details can be found about the my navy assignment application under which navadmin

applications for assignment to and termination from Navy owned/ leased or PPV housing, as applicable. 5. Action a. CNIC Housing (N93) shall: (1) Assist the Regions to ensure compliance with this.

will be some of the highest priority assignments in our Navy. 5. Supplemental Information. Additional information along with the most recent sea and shore duty tour lengths for each rating can be found on MyNavy Portal at https://my.navy.mil/. 6. Exceptions. Exceptions to policy such as unaccompanied overseas tours,.

My Navy Assignment: Sailor's Comment to Detailer. I came into my first window for job applications and selected my jobs. The one rated at the highest is the one I most want to go to and want to help maximize my chances. I emailed the detailer and they recommended me to use the "Sailor's Comment to Detailer" as the command will also see it I.




Sailors can view MNA through a secure website located at https://mynavyassignment.navy.mil . ACCESS PROCEDURES All users who require roles in addition to Sailor User role are required to submit an....

required business processes will be available in MNA, accessed via the Sailor Tutorial link on the login page. For additional information or assistance in the following areas, contact: MyNavy.

Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) announces MyNavy Assignment, a “detailing marketplace” for all enlisted Sailors, is.